Maintenance Program

The Horizon Safe & Sound Security System Maintenance & Inspection Agreement is designed to provide you with an economical means to address the testing and upkeep of your security system. Available to both residential and commercial customers, this agreement includes: one (1) customer scheduled annual check-up and inspection visit, during which your system will be tested for all functions, (most*) sensor batteries replaced, and any defective sensors replaced at 30% off; labor is covered by the agreement. Any additions or upgrades to the system will also be discounted 10% if installed while on site for the annual visit.
The agreement covers one (1) service call per 12-month agreement period at no charge. A service call for repair during regular business hours will be provided and defective sensors replaced at 30% off, with labor covered by the agreement, once per agreement period. This pertains to defective parts only, not parts of the system that are damaged or fail due to misuse or wear and tear. This agreement does provide for a 30% discount on parts needed during the included no-charge service call, or any other subsequent service calls during the covered agreement period.