Horizon Residential Services


From talking to neighbors, to connecting to the world.

Phone service. Blazing Internet. Dependable security. Digital cable.

At Horizon, we have been keeping the residents and businesses of southern Ohio in touch with their world for over 120 years. And just as the world of communications has changed during that time, so have we. Today, Horizon is your best source to get the services you need to keep your home and business connected to the world around you and beyond.


Happy Holidays Horizon Customers!

In 1982, Horizon's CEO, Bill McKell, decided to write a story and send it out as his Christmas card to family and friends. His stories are now a tradition in hundreds of homes each Christmas. This year's featured story is Woven Inn

What would it be like if Mary and Joseph were to journey among us today? Would we overlook them completely or would we journey with them? Join a distraught teen couple, a discouraged priest and a discarded doctor as their stories become woven together in a bar on Christmas Eve. 

Below you will find the link to the story. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!