Who is responsible for my security equipment?

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You are purchasing and will own your equipment.  Most parts carry a manufacturer’s warranty.  This warranty, which will be honored for ONE year by Horizon, does not include damage by the customer (including normal wear and tear), vandalism, lighting, flood, fire, or other acts of God.  Users are responsible for the proper care and maintenance (which also includes the replacement of batteries). Customers are responsible for performing regular weekly testing as outlined in your user’s manual and contract.  During your monitoring agreement period, you are responsible for notifying Horizon if your security system is not working properly. Horizon will service the security system at the customer’s cost for labor and materials, except under warranty as described above.


At installation, a Horizon representative will review the operation of your security equipment. Read the user’s manual and practice using your security system.  If you have additional questions or need additional training, please contact Horizon Safe & Sound.  For additional practice or testing, call the monitoring center and have your system placed in “test mode” before triggering any alarms for testing purposes to avoid having the authorities contacted (which can result in fines for false alarms).