How do I check Service at the NID?

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If you are not comfortable with this procedure, please call us for assistance. In most cases, the NID is located on the outside of your home. Residents of a multi-unit building must first check with their landlord or condo association for repair and maintenance of telephone service.

You will need a screwdriver to open the NID cover, a working corded telephone to test your call, a copy of these instructions and possibly a flashlight if the lighting of the NID area is inadequate.

NOTE: Our lines are grounded, but DO NOT attempt this test during storms or while standing in water.

STEP 1: Open the NID cover by first unscrewing the customer access panel and then pressing the snap to open the access panel lid.

STEP 2: Remove the modular plug from the test jack.

STEP 3: Plug a working corded telephone into the test jack, and then push until you hear the jack snap.

STEP 4: Pick up your receiver, listen for a dial tone and attempt to place a call. If you are able to make a call at the test jack, then the trouble is either with your inside wiring or equipment. If no dial tone is present, you will need to contact Horizon at 611 or 772-8611 to submit a repair request. Repair charges will apply if you are not enrolled in our Inside Wire Insurance plan.

STEP 5: When testing is complete, be sure to unplug your phone from the test jack and reinsert the modular phone plug into the test jack. Push until you hear the jack snap.

Should you have a problem with the inside wiring or jacks, Horizon will make a service call to verify the trouble; however, the service call is billable at a minimum charge of $59.95. Or, you may choose to fix it yourself or hire someone such as an electrician to make repairs.


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