Repairing Your Service

Your local phone company is responsible for repairs and maintenance to the telephone network and outside wires leading up to your home or business. You or the property owner are responsible for the wiring inside your home or business, jacks, and equipment like telephone sets, answering machines, modems, fax machines, etc.

The point where the telephone company's network ends and the inside wiring begins is called the network interface device (NID). Many homes and businesses have located on their premises a NID, which can be used to check whether the problem with your service is your responsibility or the responsibility of the phone company.

If your phone service is not working, contact your company's repair office immediately. If you're not sure whether the problem is your responsibility or the company's responsibility, check in the directory or with your phone company for an explanation as to how to check your NID to see who's responsible and to find out what your repair options and charges are for repairs, if it is your responsibility. If you don't have a NID, the local phone company will diagnose the problem and install a device at no charge. If you rent, check with your landlord prior to scheduling any repairs.

Be aware that if the phone company makes a service trip to your premise and the problem is in the wiring inside your home or business, the repair is your responsibility and you may be required to pay a service charge to the company. You will not be charged if the repair is the company's responsibility.

Your local phone company must also give you a four-hour appointment window for a technician to repair service if you need to be present at the premises. If the company misses your scheduled repair appointment, you may be eligible for a waiver of one-half of one month's charges for the affected regulated local services rendered inoperative.

If the phone company takes more than 72 hours to restore your phone service, you may receive a credit on your next bill for one month's charges for the regulated local services rendered inoperative.