Ordering or Changing Service

When you order new local service or change your existing local service, your phone company will explain the choices available to you. If you are a low-income consumer, or are currently receiving assistance (such as HEAP, food stamps, etc.) from government agencies, you may be eligible for a discount on your basic local service, a waiver of service establishment fees and deposit, and/or a special payment plan. If you are interested in this assistance, be sure to tell your phone company.

After you've placed your order for new service or for a change to your existing service, you should receive, within ten business days, a welcome letter in the mail (or by email if you signed up over the Internet). The welcome letter will include an explanation of the service(s) ordered, including the price, terms and conditions. It is important that you review this letter to confirm your order. If you believe that the letter does not accurately reflect the service you ordered, you should contact the company immediately. You have 30 days from the postmark of the letter to change your initial order for regulated services at no additional charge.

Your local phone company may charge you a one-time installation or "service establishment" charge when you first establish service and each time you transfer service to a new address. Residential customers establishing basic local exchange service have the option to spread the payment of these charges over three billing periods.

Your local phone company normally must install new local service within five business days of receiving your order, unless you agree to a later date. If you are a residential or small business customer and the company does not provide service within this time frame, you may receive a full or partial waiver of the installation charges.

Your local phone company must also give you a four-hour appointment window for a technician to install service if you need to be present at the premises. If the company misses your scheduled installation appointment, without giving you 24 hours' notice, you may be eligible for a waiver of at least one-half of the installation charges for the affected regulated local services.

When you order service, and once each year, your local phone company will provide you with a free directory(ies), unless the company chooses to provide free directory assistance. You have a right to receive, upon request, a directory or directories listing all of the extended area service numbers within your local calling areas.