How to Use Selective Call Reject

Turn it on
1. Press *60 (1160 for rotary users).

Turn it off
1. Press *60 (1160 for rotary users).
2. Press 3 and add a phone number to your list.
3. Voice instructions will guide you through the steps to add or delete numbers.

Block calls from your last caller
1. Press *60 (1160 for rotary users).
2. Press #01#.

The number you added may be labeled a “private” entry on your list.

Menu Options with Call Block ON
Press 1: Review your list.
Press 07: Remove a number when you hear it.
Press 0: Review the instructions.
Press *: Enter the number: Remove a number from list.

Callers on your list will be notified their calls have been rejected, but you will not hear your phone ring when they call.

Unknown callers and out-of-area calls cannot be added to the Call Reject list.