How to repeat dial

Turn it on

1. When you get a busy signal, hang up, then pick up again right away.

2. Press *66 (1166 for rotary users).

3. If the line is free, your call goes through. If the line is still busy, listen to the announcement; then hang-up. When the line is free, you will hear the special ring. Pick up the receiver and the other phone will ring.

Turn it off
1. Press *86 (1186 for rotary users) and listen for announcement.

If the other phone is busy, Repeat Dialing tries for 30 minutes.

When you get a special ring that the number is free and then get a busy signal when the system attempts to connect to that number, the party you are calling has already made or received another call. If you want to continue trying the number you will need to activate Repeat Dialing again.

If the service calls a long distance number, usage and long distance charges apply.